Pass through Mailbox

In our large assortment you will find the matching pass-through letterbox made of stainless steel or aluminium for your individual needs. Whether a small stainless steel letterbox or a large letterbox system, you can choose from a large number of attractive models. Our online shop offers high-quality through the wall letterboxes and letterbox systems in numerous designs and timeless designs for a modern facade design. We offer free shipping within Germany and Europe-wide deliveries. Pay comfortably and securely via PayPal, your Amazon account, by invoice or other payment methods.

Through wall mailbox - the hidden space miracle with pass-through

We are like  children at Christmas, happy that you have landed with us in your search for a through wall mailbox or pass-through mailbox systems! Rest assured, at Letterbox24 you are absolutely at the right address. Because together we break through walls - to then install one of our first-class pass-through mailboxes or pass-through mailbox systems for you in the newly cut hole. This is undoubtedly our main discipline, because we have specialized in the type of pass-through letterboxes and letterbox systems.

 It's a no wonder that you will discover a huge range of wall pass-through mailboxes for different wall thicknesses and box shapes in our store. Classic slanted, angled or straight - you are guaranteed to find the right model here! Particularly practical is the variably adjustable depth, which almost all of our pass-through mailboxes and mailbox systems have. This means that we can easily cover a wide range of wall thicknesses (100 mm, 190-300 mm, 301-500 mm and 501-620 mm). The following types are available for this purpose: Series A (flat box form), Series B (horizontal box form), Series D (slanted box form) and Series F (right-angled box form).

Whether you need a slim model for your masonry or a large capacity mailbox for lots of mail: In our online store you will find high-quality pass-through mailboxes and complete mailbox systems made of solid stainless steel or aluminum in numerous designs and timelessly elegant designs - for a guaranteed modern facade design. This type of mailbox is particularly convincing due to its inconspicuous and noble appearance. We have put together the best range of RAL colors for you, from classic anthracite gray to warm chocolate brown. No, no, no, that's not an option for you at all? You absolutely want, let's say: piggy pink for your pass-through mailbox or mailbox systems?! Then you can also get piggy pink (RAL3033) from us, no problemo!

Our robustly crafted pass-through mailboxes and mailbox systems reliably protect your mail from the weather and theft attempts. By the way, pass-through mailboxes and mailbox systems are characterized by a particularly high durability, as they are integrated flush and hermetically sealed into the house wall. At the same time, however, this requires a comparatively high level of installation effort. But that's a one-time story, and the advantage afterwards is obvious: Because you take your mail from the back of one of our Durchwrf mailboxes or mailbox systems, you don't even have to leave the house. This is, of course, extremely practical for cultured friends of sweatpants!

Are you into extras? For extra security, we also offer pass-through mailboxes and pass-through mailbox systems with integrated cameras! For years, we have been working reliably with our partner ABB/Busch-Jaeger, whose integrated system solutions for various security requirements really leave nothing to chance. With a wink of the eye, we therefore recommend the F-042 XXL stainless steel wall pass-through mailbox with bell, intercom, camera and system control center. But just take a look for yourself!

and between us - we are quite open to your ideas and are also happy to advise you individually at any time. If you are also missing a pass-through letterbox or pass-through letterbox systems in our online store, we will be happy to help you personally. Even with additional desired elements or special colors, we can provide you with an individual offer. Just give us a call, send us a quick Whatsapp or write us a few nice email lines. Either way, we at Letterbox24 look forward to seeing you!

Ofcourse: the vast majority of our pass-through letterboxes and pass-through letterbox systems are certified according to the current EU DIN standard 13724. In short, this means for you: the really-really important mail always arrives safely with you! It is also the optimal dimensions for C4 envelopes, magazines and newspapers, which thus reach you undamaged. Of course, we also carry pass-through mailboxes and pass-through mailbox systems that do not meet this standard, so that we can always offer you alternatives.

Finally, a friendly care tip-to-go for your personal pass-through letterbox: Clean your desired letterbox from Letterbox24 best by regularly treating the powder-coated surfaces with a solution of warm water and a non-abrasive, PH-neutral cleaner. When choosing a cleaner, pay attention to certain ingredients. Acidic, oxide-dissolving or acetone-containing cleaners should not be used, as they attack the surface. Use a soft cloth or sponge when cleaning pass-through mailboxes and pass-through mailbox systems. Even with simple, regular cleaning, you will reduce the effects of weathering and remove dirt, grime and other contaminants that are harmful to all powder coatings over time.

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