Stainless Steel Parcel Boxes

We know how frustrating it is when your parcels are ruined by the rain after the delivery person has put them on the floor - or even worse - when you are out of the house and they get stolen!
Letterbox24 doesn't leave you and your parcels out in the rain! Our standard parcel boxes ensure the safe delivery of your parcels and packages.

Unlike our pass-through versions, these parcel box models do not require any tedious masonry work, because the Smart parcel boxes can be easily attached to almost any wall, indoors or outdoors. This saves you a lot of time during installation.
The secret of our unmistakable Letterbox24 design? With our parcel box models, form and function are always in harmony with each other. In addition to a modern and minimalist design, the quality features of our parcel box include millimetre-precise workmanship made of weatherproof, powder-coated steel/aluminium: This way, your shipment remains safe and dry until you remove it.
"Keep it simple" is our motto, which is why we do without elaborate and expensive electronics. We want our parcel boxes to be easy to use and therefore rely on clever mechanical solutions. That's why all our standard parcel boxes do not need any electricity at all.

S, M, L, XL - there is simply something for everyone. The Smart parcel boxes are available in various sizes and RAL colours to suit your needs and taste. Our convincing surface-mounted parcel boxes are available in various effective RAL colours such as "anthracite grey" (7016), "deep black" (9005) or "traffic white" (9016).

Forgotten the letterbox when building your house? No problem with the S Smart parcel box with an integrated letterbox! The letterbox and parcel box are of course separated from each other, so that your precious mail remains intact and crease-free. For an extra measure of security, you can also find this parcel box with a practical rain cover.

We at Letterbox24 would like to introduce you to the perfect candidate for your oversized parcels: the XL Smart parcel box. The advantages of an XL Smart parcel box from Letterbox24 are obvious: you can receive several parcels from different delivery services per day. This extra-large parcel box offers enough space for more than 70 percent of common parcel sizes and is also maintenance-free. And since the XL Smart Parcel Box is also very inexpensive, you will also save a nice chunk of money with your purchase decision. The maximum dimensions for parcels here are: 150 x 420 x 300 mm (HxWxD). The XL Smart parcel box works with a simple but secure tilting mechanism. The roof of the parcel box opens upwards and the parcel can be inserted. When the roof of the parcel box is closed, the intermediate base tilts down and the parcel falls into the secure interior.

You had something else in mind? If you are missing a standard parcel box in our online shop, we will be happy to help you personally. We can also provide you with your own offer if you require additional elements or special colours. Just give us a call, write to us on Whatsapp or send an email. Either way, the Letterbox24 team looks forward to hearing from you!

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