payment methods


If you choose the payment method prepayment by bank transfer, we will give you our bank details in the order confirmation and deliver the goods after receipt of payment within the specified delivery time.
Please transfer the exact invoice amount, not rounding up or down. Please state the complete order number as the reason for payment, which you can find in the confirmation e-mail. The dispatch and/or the production of the commodity takes place with receipt of payment.

Note: Bank transfers usually take 2-3 working days, which delays the delivery. If within 5 working days no receipt of payment on our account is to be determined, we ask for understanding that we will cancel the order request addressed to us.

This payment method is free of charge.

PayPal or PayPal Plus/Amazon Pay

After sending the order you will be redirected to PayPal or PayPal Plus/Amazon Pay. After your payment has been confirmed there, you will be taken back to Letterbox24.de without further ado.

Quite simply and comfortably.

Note: Paypal/Amazon allows you to pay via your PayPal/Amazon account or to pay without a PayPal account as a guest by direct debit or credit card. PayPal Plus also allows you as a German customer to purchase by invoice.

This payment method is free of charge.

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