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(XXL) parcel box - simply ingenious!

Are you thinking about getting a bigger size mailbox? Fantastic, then you are making the absolute right choice with a parcel box from us! A parcel box is, so to speak, the XXL version of a mailbox, the big brother, if you will. With a parcel box you receive your larger shipments - such as books, shoes or computer accessories - easily, safely and around the clock. Even if you're not at home or in the office, or simply don't feel like waiting for your delivery..

Put an end to transit time delays: With your own Paketbox, you also save yourself the often annoying trip to the nearest Packstation or to the neighbor who has accepted your shipment in your absence. Last but not least, you save the deliverers of your parcels and packages a lot of time and extra effort.

We at Letterbox24 have taken the trouble to create the perfect design for an XXL parcel box for you, so that you can spend more time enjoying the contents of your parcels. So here at this point we are allowed to present you the latest parcel box star in the XXL mailbox sky - drum roll - the F-05 XXL wall-through parcel box! An absolute XXL world novelty! For the first time it is now possible to install XXL parcel boxes in masonry. Due to the variable depth, the F-05 pass-through parcel box can be installed in walls with a thickness of 295 to 505 mm. Strong thing, this XXL parcel box!

This innovative parcel box type is available from us either in the stainless steel variant or in the RAL colors "anthracite gray" (7016) and "jet black" (9005), both color variants that have a mysterious and formalizing effect on the observer at the same time. The F-05 XXL wall-through parcel box belongs to the MDW parcel boxes, which means that the mail is taken from the back. Nevertheless, it is theft-proof: The integrated finger lock in the insertion slot ensures that parcels that have already been inserted cannot be removed. How practical! And how much can this parcel box actually hold? An important question. The maximum dimensions for parcels are: 160 x 359 x X mm (HxWxD), whereby the depth ultimately depends on how you personally set it.

We at Letterbox24 would like to introduce another perfect candidate for your XXL parcels: The XXL Smart parcel box. In contrast to the "F-05", no intensive masonry work is required for this parcel box model, because the XXL Smart parcel box can be attached to just about any wall or wall indoors or outdoors in a completely uncomplicated way. This saves you a lot of time during installation, really smart. And since the XXL Smart parcel box is also very inexpensive, you also save a nice chunk of money with the purchase decision. This convincing surface-mounted parcel box is available in three different effective RAL colors: "Anthracite gray" (7016), "Deep black" (9005) or in "Traffic white" (9016).

For this model, the maximum dimensions for packages are: 150 x 420 x 300 mm (HxWxD). The XXL Smart parcel box works with a simple but safe tilting mechanism. Therefore, it does not require an electrical connection. The roof of the parcel box is opened upwards and the parcel can be inserted. When closing the roof of the parcel box, the intermediate bottom tilts down and the parcel falls into the safe interior.

The advantages of an F-05 XXL wall-through parcel box or an XXL Smart parcel box from Letterbox24 are obvious: you can receive several parcels from different delivery services per day. Both XXL parcel boxes presented here offer enough space for more than 70 percent of the common parcel sizes and are also maintenance-free. "Keep it simple" is our motto, which is why we do without elaborate and expensive electronics. We want our XXL Parcel Box and XXL Parcel Boxes to be easy to use, so we rely on clever mechanical solutions. And no matter which of the two XXL parcel boxes you choose now: Our offers are simply always XXL value for money!

The secret of our distinctive Letterbox24 design: In our parcel box models, form and function are always in harmony with each other. The quality features of our parcel box include, in addition to a modern and minimalist design, the millimeter-precise processing of weatherproof stainless steel: So your shipment remains safe and dry until you receive it.

And between us - we are completely open to your ideas and are also happy to advise you individually at any time. If you are also missing a mailbox or parcel box in our online store, we will be happy to help you personally. We can also provide you with an individual offer for additionally desired elements or special colors. Just give us a call, send us a quick Whatsapp or write us a few nice email lines. Either way, we at Letterbox24 look forward to seeing you!

without a doubt: the vast majority of our letterboxes, mailbox systems and parcel boxes are certified according to the current EU DIN standard 13724. In short, this means for you: the really-really important mail always arrives safely with you! It is also the optimal dimensions for C4 envelopes, magazines and newspapers, which thus reach you undamaged. Of course, we also carry mailboxes, mailbox systems and parcel boxes that do not meet this standard, so that we can always offer you alternatives..

Finally, a friendly care tip-to-go for your personal mailbox: Clean your letterbox of choice from Letterbox24 best by regularly treating the powder-coated surfaces with a solution of warm water and a non-abrasive, PH-neutral cleaner. When choosing a cleaner, pay attention to certain ingredients. Acidic, oxide-dissolving, or acetone-based cleaners should not be used, as they will attack the surface of the mailboxes or mailbox units. Use a soft cloth or sponge when cleaning. Even with simple, regular cleaning of the mailboxes or mailbox units, you will reduce the effects of weathering and remove dirt, grime and other contaminants that are harmful to all powder coatings in the long run.

We know how frustrating it is when your packages get ruined by the rain after the delivery person puts them on the ground, or even worse, when you're not in the house and they get stolen!
That's why our family at letterbox 24 is here to help you when you receive our standard parcel box from us.
We will make sure your packages and parcels are delivered safely.

Don't stress about the weather, because all of our parcel boxes are waterproof!
Choose what suits you, whether stainless steel pass-through parcel mailbox, or a smart parcel box or more.

Our parcel mailboxes are available in different shapes and sizes to suit your needs and taste.

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