Flush mounted letterbox

The letterbox system as a flush-mounted model reliably protects mail items from wind and weather. Whether redesign or new construction of the entrance area. Our product range will surely provide a suitable flush-mounted letterbox system for your needs. Our online shop offers high-quality flush-mounted letterboxes in numerous and timeless designs for a modern facade design. Pay conveniently and securely via PayPal or with your Amazon account.

Flush-mounted letterbox - the gentleman

The flush-mounted letterbox is the gentleman among all letterboxes and letterbox systems: it nestles stylishly, discreetly and elegantly into your façade without pushing itself into the foreground. But you can be sure - flush-mounted does not mean understatement. On the contrary, flush-mounted letterboxes and letterbox systems easily convince with their great features!

As strong as the arm offered to accompany it: Since it is our goal that you enjoy your flush-mounted letterbox or letterbox system for a long time, we always pay attention to high-quality, stable and weather-resistant material in the processing. Our stainless steel and RAL models reliably protect your mail from wind and weather - in true gentlemanly fashion.

Dress to impress - a flush-mounted letterbox will not only give you support in life, it will also look really good doing it! You alone decide on its cladding. Choose the stainless steel version or a model with an elegant RAL colour to perfect the appearance of your flush-mounted letterbox or letterbox systems. Either way, your neighbours will say "classy, classy" at the sight of your new letterbox.

Flush-mounted letterboxes and letterbox systems adapt effortlessly to any situation. For example, our flush-mounted models can easily be inserted flush into any wall or wall cavity. If you need a special design, we can of course customise your flush-mounted letterbox or letterbox system to fit exactly. Simply contact us and we will be happy to help you with the implementation!

Do you want to redesign your entrance area or build a completely new one? In our range you will find the right flush-mounted letterbox or letterbox systems for your needs. You will find numerous versions with timelessly elegant designs and practical features for a modern façade design in our online shop.

For extra security, you can also find flush-mounted letterboxes or letterbox systems with integrated cameras! For years, we have been working together with our reliable partner ABB/Busch-Jaeger for this purpose, who really leaves nothing to chance with their integrated system solutions for different security requirements. With a wink of the eye, we therefore recommend our bestseller, the A-01 stainless steel flush-mounted letterbox with bell, intercom and camera. But just take a look for yourself!

By the way: A flush-mounted letterbox (or letterbox systems) might be the solution if you no longer want to walk long distances to get the mail. Apart from that, they virtually disappear into the brickwork and thus save a lot of space. This purchase could therefore also make sense for office communities or business. And there is another advantage: by being recessed into the wall, the flush-mounted letterbox or flush-mounted letterbox systems are particularly durable.

Our leabox models also belong to the league of exceptional Letterbox24 gentlemen. Because leabox flush-mounted letterboxes not only impress with their refreshingly modern design, but also with their excellent price-performance ratio. So if you value good quality at an extremely reasonable price, letterbox systems from leabox are just the thing for you! Between 1 and 12-fold leabox flush-mounted letterboxes can be ordered from us!

And between you and us - we are completely open to your ideas and will always advise you individually. If you are also missing a flush-mounted letterbox or letterbox systems in our online shop, we will be happy to help you personally. We can also provide you with an individual offer if you require additional elements or special colours. Just give us a call, send us a quick Whatsapp or write us a few nice e-mail lines. Either way, we at Letterbox24 look forward to hearing from you!

Completely normal: The vast majority of our flush-mounted letterboxes and letterbox systems are certified according to the current EU DIN standard 13724 (also applies to flush-mounted letterboxes and letterbox systems of the "leabox" brand). In short, this means for you: the really-really important mail always arrives safely at your door! It is also the optimum size for C4 envelopes, magazines and newspapers, which thus reach you undamaged. Of course, we also stock flush-mounted letterboxes and letterbox systems that do not meet this standard, so that we can always offer you alternatives.

Finally, a friendly care tip-to-go for your personal flush-mounted letterbox: The best way to clean your Letterbox24 letterbox of choice is to regularly treat the powder-coated surfaces with a solution of warm water and a non-abrasive, PH-neutral cleaner. When choosing a cleaner, pay attention to certain ingredients. Acidic, oxide-dissolving or acetone-containing cleaners should not be used as they attack the surface. Use a soft cloth or sponge when cleaning flush-mounted letterboxes and letterbox systems. With simple, regular cleaning, you reduce the effects of weathering and remove dirt, grime and other contaminants that are harmful to all powder coatings in the long run.

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