Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between the various categories?

The main distinguishing feature is the way in which the mailbox is mounted.

For example, Flush-mounted and Pass-through mailboxes are both inserted into a wall. However, a pass-through mailbox is recessed into the opening of a wall so that you can conveniently remove your mail from the inside of the wall. Meanwhile, flush-mounted mailboxes are simply installed in a recess in the wall, allowing you to remove your mail from the outside.

Surface-mounted mailboxes, on the other hand, are attached to the wall.

As the name suggests, Fence and gate mailboxes are designed to be mounted on or within fences.

Alternatively, there are also Free-standing mailboxes that are anchored to the ground with their legs.

In the Parcel box segment, we offer several different products, for example the Smart parcel box and the F-05 XXL wall-through parcel boxes. While the latter is installed like the pass-through mailboxes already explained above, the Smart parcel box is designed for surface mounting, but can be placed on the floor depending on your intended use. This is a good solution for contact-free delivery, which is especially attractive in times of pandemics.

Pass-through mailboxes

-Installation in a wall opening
-Convenient mail removal from the inside of the wall
-Adaptable to different wall thicknesses

Freestanding mailboxes

-Free choice of location
-Legs are set in concrete or screwed in place
-Removal from the front

Concealed mailboxes

-Installation in the wall
-box disappears completely into the wall
-Removal from front

Fence & gate mailboxes

-Mounting in or on the fence
-Post removal from the back
-No side mounting holes pre-drilled
-No mounting material included

Parcel box

-Space for parcels
-Insertion of the parcels through a large security slot or via a tilting mechanism
-optional with mailboxes

Surface mailboxes

-mounting on the wall
-removal from the front
-easy mounting

I need a customized mailbox?
If you have special wishes for your desired product, simply send us an inquiry with your specific ideas via e-mail and we will create an individual offer for you. The delivery of a special order behaves differently to that of a standard delivery. In order to adapt the mailbox to your needs, it will be made separately. Therefore, the delivery time is 4-6 weeks.
Does the mailbox I want comply with the EN 13724 standard?
This so-called letterbox standard regulates exactly how letterboxes must be designed throughout Europe in order, for example, to be able to deliver your mail without problems and without being bent, to store it and to keep it dry. Mailboxes that do not comply with the standard can also be a reason for rent reductions. Consequently, you will save yourself a lot of trouble in the future if you keep the standard in mind when choosing your mailbox. The mailboxes in our offer usually comply with this standard. If this is not the case, this is explicitly noted in the corresponding item description. We also offer mailboxes that do not comply with this standard, because often the structural conditions simply do not allow a standard-compliant mailbox. With mailboxes that deviate from the standard, we want to give our customers the highest flexibility in the selection.
What does the optimal care for your mailbox look like?
Basically, the gentlest possible cleaning is recommended. We recommend (lukewarm) water with appropriate additives, such as household cleaners. It is particularly important to avoid substances that dissolve oxides, contain vinegar, propylene carbonate, mechanical substances or acetone, as these can damage the surface. After cleaning, sealing with car wax is also highly recommended.If you have a stainless steel mailbox, you should remove any residues. Again, cleaning agents containing chlorides, hydrocarbons or hydrochloric acid should be avoided. Special cleaning agents, such as stainless steel cleaner spray, are recommended for cleaning. In addition, we strongly advise you not to use steel brushes, steel wool or similar when cleaning your mailbox, as in the worst case these tools can destroy the surface and cause increased corrosion of your mailbox due to abrasion of the extraneous rust. When building your new home or renovating a house, the building materials lime and cement are omnipresent. These are anything but beneficial to your mailbox. Therefore, protect your mailbox from these substances by organizing a suitable cover.In the case of mailboxes painted in RAL colors, you can purchase matching touch-up pens, which can be used to repair minor defects. Do not use hot water in cold outdoor temperatures, as the high temperature fluctuations can put excessive stress on the paint, causing cracks. Apart from that, our painted mailboxes are to be maintained in the same way as the stainless steel mailboxes.The locks and hinges should also enjoy regular care. Use only non-resinous oils, such as graphite oil. These prevent loud squeaking and provide a certain ease of opening and closing. It is recommended that you do this at least twice a year. Before the onset of winter, it is best to treat your lock with a de-icing spray to prevent the lock from freezing.
How do I order my desired mailbox?

The easiest way to place an order is through our online channels. Due to the complete automation of all processes, you can purchase your desired mailbox as quickly and conveniently as possible and soon call it your own. Orders by email or phone call are of course also possible without any problems.

To do this, simply put all the products you want in the shopping cart and then click the "checkout" button. If you only want to buy one product you can also go directly to the checkout. Now please enter all required information. You do not need a customer account to purchase one of our products. This is only worthwhile for you if you want to buy more products in the future. Now agree to the privacy policy and then enter your preferred shipping and payment method. After successful order you will receive an automatic order confirmation by mail. As soon as the goods are shipped, we will also send you a shipping confirmation.

What is important in a pass-through mailbox?

The correct installation of the pass through wall mailbox deserves special attention . In the beginning it is very important to find a suitable place for your pass-through letterbox on the one hand and to create a correct opening on the other hand. Adjust your mailbox to the desired depth and fix it with the supplied aluminum adhesive tape. Slide the insert into the breakthrough, bring it into the desired position and now screw it to the front panel. At best, wrap the part of your system that will be installed in the wall. We recommend filling any gaps between the letterbox and the wall opening with construction foam. Make sure that the resulting pressure does not deform your letterbox. You can safely cut off any excess material once it has dried. Now attach the panels, which are fastened with a simple clamping mechanism. Make sure that the rubber seals fit exactly to minimize water penetration. These sides are then grouted with acrylic. In the final step, install the plaster cover frame, if applicable, and seal any gaps with acrylic, if possible, to ensure a flush overall appearance with the rest of the wall surface. If protective films are still attached, you can now remove them.

What are the payment options?

To make the ordering process as convenient and simple as possible for our private customers, we offer various payment options. Thus, our private customers can flexibly decide whether they want to purchase the goods via PayPal, advance payment transfer, credit card or PayPal Plus. PayPal Plus also allows private customers to purchase on account. For this you do not need a PayPal account, however, an online order is required. For business customers or public institutions, such as city councils or universities, we also offer the purchase on account, by telephone order or order by e-mail.

Do you have further questions?

No problem just contact our customer team by e-mail or phone! We will be happy to assist you with advice and answer your questions.

You can reach us from Monday to Friday, 9:00-12:00 and 13:00 -16:00 via the Telephone number +49 (0) 351 8509 2552 or the E-mail address

You can also reach us via Whatsapp: +49 (0) 162 7915100 .

Can I re-order a key?
No problem! Simply contact our customer service and tell us your key number. This can be found on the other two remaining keys or on a sticker on the inside of your mailbox.
How do I return an item?

if you order within Germany we offer you a return label free of charge.

For orders outside of Germany, we recommend that you make your purchase via PayPal, as you can get up to 25€ shipping costs refunded by PayPal by following these steps:

1-Activate service once using the link below
2-Make the purchase via PayPal payment method
3-Buy return label and keep receipt
4-Upload photo of package to PayPal
5-Return item
6-Request refund via your PayPal account
7-Receive refund

You can find more information directly at PayPal:

Wondering who we are?

We at Letterbox 24 are a brand of RT Trade & Consulting GmbH and specialize mainly in the field of e-commerce. Here we are not the producers of the products ourselves, but act as official distributors of our manufacturers.

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