Letterbox electronics

Door communication or letterboxes with built-in door communication provide you with much more comfort in everyday life. You can set your own individual focus. Whether security, comfort or design - you will find a suitable solution for every wish.
Here you will find electronic accessories for your doorbell, letterboxes. From individual spare parts to retrofitted built-in devices, you can discover a selection of high-quality electronic parts in our range.
To complete your letterboxes or entrance area, we offer a selection of indoor and outdoor intercoms, video panels, system devices and mounting boxes and other high-quality electronic parts from and for ABB and Busch-Jaeger.

Busch-Jaeger intercom systems and components for electronic access control stand for modern solutions in door communication that meet all requirements with a high benefit for you as a user and time-saving installation.
These central, high-performance systems offer you ease of operation despite their many functions.
The noise suppression ensures clear sound on both sides of the front door with the integrated hands-free function.
For the installation of Busch-Jaeger components, you will find a cut-out for intercom systems or camera modules in the upper area of most letterbox systems with speech screen.
Thanks to the 2-wire bus, the integration of Busch-Welcome® door communication in letterboxes, bell panels and door side panels is extremely simple. The basic audio module with microphone and loudspeaker can be easily combined with camera and button extension up to 99 buttons. The variants are optionally available with up to three push-button modules and are therefore ideal for one- to three-family houses. For rental and apartment buildings, the Busch-Welcome® outdoor station audio offers four to 15 bells.
The Busch-Welcome® access control modules for the outdoor station offer a convenient and secure method for entering buildings. With the three access control modules transponder, keypad and fingerprint, Busch-Jaeger presents an interesting solution for residential or functional buildings.

Most ABB and Busch-Jaeger systems are suitable for residential and commercial units in which several parties or units are represented. For this purpose, the Letterbox24 range includes systems for letterbox systems and the entrance area outside as well as for your own indoor area.

More security: The high-quality colour camera with extra-wide field of view and individual adjustability to any house environment makes your letterbox a security factor in the entrance area. By integrating a Busch Jaeger camera module, you always know who is at the door. No matter whether friends are coming over or you are expecting an important delivery - you can always be at home by means of a central IP video control panel. Because remote access is easily possible via the Internet via IP gateway, myBUSCH-JAEGER portal and the Busch-Welcome® app. This way, you receive notifications on your smartphone or tablet in real time as soon as the intercom is activated. Speak to people standing in front of the door and let them in - all from your smartphone. All features are available without subscription, so there are no additional costs or long-term commitments.
An example of one of these video panels is our Busch-Jaeger-Welcome® indoor station Video 7''.
This additionally stores three images of your visitors in a separate memory if you are unable to receive the door call. If necessary, the image memory can be expanded using an SD card. The practical  access buttons make opening the door, muting and adjusting the light as convenient as possible. For a particularly individual experience, you can set five different ring tones for the door and storey call. If you do not like these, you can also set up ringtones of your choice. A hands-free function is also integrated. The volume of the speakerphone and these ringtones can be adjusted to suit your needs. Equipped with a hearing loop, audio signals can also be coupled into hearing aids.

Between us - we are completely open to your ideas and will advise you individually at any time. If you are missing door communication products in our online shop, we will be happy to help you personally. Just give us a call, send us a quick Whatsapp or write us a few nice e-mail lines. Either way, we at Letterbox24 look forward to hearing from you!

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